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Bear and Bow Wow All Over the World


Bitten by wanderlust several years ago, the boys are constantly expanding their horizons by visiting new and exciting destinations.

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The more they travel the more particular they've become. Flying, of course, has become their preferred mode of transportion.

At first just going on a trip was exciting enough. Then once they'd discovered that not everyone travels in a knapsack stuffed in an overhead bin, they became determined to get their own seats. Now the boys have become accustomed to the pleasures of Air Canada's Executive First service and nothing else will do. The last thing that a passenger agent would ever want to say to the boys is: "I'm sorry, gentlemen, but our Executive Class cabin is now full."



It starts with check-in.


Flight Info Screens

Then find your gate



Wait for boarding


y class seat

Not pleased--this does not feel like an Executive First seat.



"Well, at least they serve waffles."


j class

Now, that's more like it.



Out of luck here. There's no Executive First service on a Dash 8!


Flight Deck

Thank goodness for those flying lessons. The boys fill in for the pilots.


Places they have visited include:

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