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With a long winter ahead of them, the boys decided to stave off the impending winter blues with a trip to the sunny climes of Mexico's Pacific coast in November 2012.

This was their third time in Mexico, having spent a few days in Playa del Carmen in April 2010 and an afternoon in Cozumel on their Caribbean cruise in February 2012.


Puerto Vallarta

Taking in the gorgeous view from their balcony at the Abbey Hotel. Move your cursor over the image and the boys will turn around.



Ordering the traditional breakfast margaritas at a beachside restaurant.


Lounging by the beach, waiting for their breakfasts to digest before going for a swim in the ocean.



Bear heads into the water for a dip.



Wisely deciding that the surf was a little too rough, Bow Wow opts to stay on the beach.



Always wanting to adapt to local culture, the boys go shopping for sombreros.


Small sombreros

These ones were definitely too small.


And this one was definitely too big. Move your cursor over the image for a different shot.



Finally they had to settle for these.



The boys tried their hand at busking to see if they could get enough to cover drinks at happy hour.


happy hour

Drinks in the pool at happy hour.



The boys never tired of watching the sunset from their balcony.


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