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In October 2014 the boys made their very second visit to Israel - a quick five days to recharge the batteries before the long Toronto winter.


Their favourite spot in Tel Aviv is Hilton Beach.

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Taking a stroll Shlomo Lahat Promenade.


That long 11 hour flight back to Toronto is just not long enough when you're settled into your Air Canada 787 Business Class lie-flat seat.



In October 2010 the boys made their very first visit to Israel. Using Tel Aviv as a base they were able to make day trips to explore much of the country.


Tel Aviv

Always keen to adapt to local customs and styles of dress, the boys purchased kippahs (yamulkes) on their first day in Tel Aviv. Here they are seen checking out the wares in the HatCarmel Market.



Here the boys stop to pose for a photo in front of the Clock Tower in the Old Port of Jaffa, the oldest part of Tel Aviv. The ancient port city of Jaffa is believed to be one of the oldest ports in the world.


The boys spent several hour wandering the narrow alleyways and staircases of Jaffa. Move your cursor over the image for a different view.



Here they are before starting the long climb up the steps towards St. Peter's Church in Jaffa.


Bear makes a wish at the Wishing Bridge in Jaffa. Legend has it that if you hold on to the section of the bridge indicating your zodiac sign while looking out at the sea and making a wish, your wish will come true. Move the cursor over the image for a different view.


Tel Aviv

Looking north to Tel Aviv from the top of the hill in Jaffa.



The boys take a stroll along the boardwalk. The beach and the boardwalk run almost the entire length of the city of Tel Aviv.


Masada and the Dead Sea
Look off

Here the boys are at a look off above the Dead Sea.


As a bit of a history buff, Bow Wow was fascinated to see the ruins of Masada, on the top of a plateau overlooking the Dead Sea. Here the mountains of Jordan are visible in the background. Move your cursor over the image for a different view.



Feeling a little sticky from the 37C heat, the boys headed towards the baths, only to discover that they had long since dried up.


Northern Palace

Here the boys are checking out what was once King Herod's Northern Palace at Masada.


The boys couldn't resist the temptation to float in the Dead Sea. However, once they realized how difficult it was to rince the salt out of their fur, they later opted just to sit in a beach chair. Move your cursor over the image for a different shot.



The Mount of Olives afforded the best views of the Old City of Jerusalem.



The boys had to fight their way through the crowds while exploring the Old City.


Here the boys are at the Western Wall (often referred to as the Wailing Wall). Move your cursor over the image for a different view.


Like most visitors to the Western Wall, the boys adhered to tradition and stopped briefly to say some prayers. Move your cursor over the image for a close up.



The boys built up quite the appetite from all their exploring. Here they stopped for a healthy lunch in the Muristan area of the Old City.



Having become enamoured with Israeli culture, the boys briefly considered converting to Judaism, until realizing how it would curtail their Friday night socializing. Here in this YouTube video, they are seen arriving at a synagogue in Tel Aviv.


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