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Bear and Bow Wow in Nova Scotia


August 2017

In August 2017, the boys made their first visit to the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site, where one quarter of the 18th-century French Fortress has been reconstructed.


Hanging out on the rampart.


On the rampart behind the King's Bastion.


August 2015

Savouring a Cape Breton delicacy - a snack box of A & K Lick-A-Chick deep fried chicken.


Taking in the view from the look off on Kellys Mountain.


February 2014

In February 2014, the boys jetted out to Nova Scotia...


... for a weekend of cold and snow!


August 2007

In August, the boys made another one of many visits to the east coast. The highlight of this trip was a visit to two of Cape Breton's best known landmarks: the A & K Lick-A-Chick and the site of the infamous Tim Horton's Jesus, which are conveniently located across the highway from each other in Florence.

In 1998, the face of Jesus appeared on the wall of a Tim Horton’s doughnut shop, in Florence (not to be confused with Firenze, Italy), Cape Breton. Soon the sight attracted thousands of people from all over the Maritimes. Then someone changed the exterior lights and Jesus disappeared. Some are not convinced that he ever left and believe that He is still there, if you just believe.


Some say that if you stare at the wall of the Tim Horton's long enough the face of Jesus will appear.



The boys claim that when they looked at the wall they just saw Tim Horton's donuts.



Ben Eoin beach. Doesn't quite compare with Waikiki...


Earlier Trips to Nova Scotia

The boys make several trips a year to visit Bow Wow's old stomping grounds in Cape Breton.


The boys enjoy a cruise through scenic Sydney Harbour.


Bear inhales the fresh salt-sea air.


Landlubbers, the boys haven't quite gotten their sea legs yet.


Bow Wow's ears flap in the breeze.


In 2005, the boys made an excursion to Prince Edward Island.


They stopped by Anne of Green Gables house, but Anne wasn't home. Apparently she hasn't lived there in some time.


It took the boys almost 15 minutes to drive across the Confederation Bridge from P.E.I. to New Brunswick and they didn't pass a single Tim Horton's along the way. This must be the largest Tim Horton's free zone in the Maritimes.


At the Mitchell school-house in Dominion, Cape Breton, where Bow Wow might have gone to school, if he'd seen the need for a formal education.


Although there's a Tim Horton's on every corner in Sydney, the boys prefer to make the trek to Rita McNeil's Tearoom in Big Pond. It's the best deal on Cape Breton for afternoon tea, or even if you're looking to "eat a big meal."


The Keltic Lodge in Ingonish is the only hotel in the Cape Breton Highlands which is up to the boys' standards.


For $1 you can use one of these to locate all the Tim Horton's Coffee Shops within a 10 mile radius in the Cape Breton Highlands.


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