February-March 2012
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February 2012

Vacation has begun - arriving in Miami



We have three days in Miami to work on our starter tans before the cruise.


February - March 2012
Viking Lounge

Here's Allan in the Viking Lounge ordering us the most generous (i.e. filled to the brim and sloshing over the edge) martinis we've ever had as we set sail from Fort Lauderdale.


First Day

Our first day at sea


Deck 16

Looking down into Central Park and the pools on deck 15. Move your mouse over the image for a different shot.


Looking down on central park

Looking down into Central Park



Arriving in Labadee, Haiti, our first port of call.


Allan Penning

Going ashore in Labadee. Move your mouse over the image for a shot of Allan.


Allan Penning

On the beach in Labadee



The Royal Caribbean private beach in Labadee, Haiti


The only thing missing is a cocktail in hand and the afternoon would be perfect. Move your mouse over the image for a shot of Allan.


Ian and Allan

This is a shot taken by the ship's photographer as we came ashore in Labadee.


Allure of the Seas

Our ship, the Allure of the Seas. Move your mouse over the image for a different shot.

MS Allure of the Seas, owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International, along with her sister ship, Oasis of the Seas, holds the record for the largest passenger ship ever constructed. However, the Allure is 50 millimetres (2.0 in) longer than the Oasis, making her technically the largest despite the fact that both ships have identical superstructures.


Room with a view

The view from our stateroom balcony as we leave Haiti.


Sunset over Haiti

Sunset over Haiti


Allan Penning

Allan on our balcony



The Allure of the Seas docked in Falmouth, Jamaica



Crazy, busy street scene in Falmouth



We weren't tempted to check out the "sanitary convenience".



Colourful courthouse in Falmouth


Central Park

Central Park on the Allure of the Seas


Allan Penning

Allan at a Cafe in Central Park


Central Park

Allan in Central Park


Royal Promenade

Looking down onto the Royal Promenade (deck 5). The area between the columns is where the Rising Tides bar is located. It floats up and down between the 5th and 8th decks.


Rising Tides

The Rising Tides bar back on Deck 5



The Solarium on Deck 16



Looking down on to Deck 15 in the Solarium. Move your mouse over the image for a different shot.



Scale model of the Allure of the Seas



Dresses sculpture hanging in the elevator shaft. Move your mouse over the image for a different shot.



Looking down onto the Boardwalk on Deck 6 with the Aquatheatre at the very aft of the ship.



The Boardwalk in the evening


Ian Mitchell

Ian having breakfast on the balcony



Sunset over the Caribbean


Ian and Allan

Ian and Allan



The Allure of the Seas in port in Cozumel, Mexico


Kiddie Pools

The kiddie pools


Ian Mitchell

Ian getting out of the pool



Our stateroom.


The Wipeout Bar on Deck 16



Allan at the Flowrider. Neither of us were brave enough to attempt it in front of a crowd of jeering and cheering strangers.


Ian Mitchell
Ian getting set up for my ziplining over the Boardwalk



About to start what could be the shortest ziplining trip anywhere - it lasts all of about ten seconds.


Ian Mitchell

All done


Allan Penning

Allan at sunset on our last night onboard


Ian Mitchell

Ian at sunset in the Wipeout Bar on our last night.


Dining Room

One of the main dining rooms onboard. We were rather unimpressed with the quality of the food and service here. Move your mouse over the image for a different shot.


Last dinner

Our last dinner in the Windjammer Marketplace, where we had better luck with the food and the service.


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