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December 2017

The boys invited some good friends over for Christmas diinner.

Move your cursor over the image for a shot of their friends.


October - November 2017


October 2017

For this year's Thanksgiving, Bear took on the Herculean task of cooking the turkey. Next year he's planning to order in.


August 2017


July 2017
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January 2017


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September 2013


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February - March 2012
October 2011
April 2011

The boys finally joined Facebook, creatinga a page where they can share their latest updates with their friends and fans. Click on the Facebook logo to go to their Facebook page and don't forget to click "like".

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October 2010
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April 2010


December 2009

With the help of Elf Yourself the boys have coreographed a Christmas dance medley.

Christmas Dinner

First at the table-the boys are always the first to take their seats at the table for Christmas dinner.


Bow Wow

Equipped with a glass of red wine, Bow Wow patiently waits for Christmas dinner to be served.



"I wear my sunglasses at night." Bear refuses to take off the new aviator sunglasses Santa brought him.


Christmas dinner

"What's taking so long?" The boys try to get the cooks to get a move on.


Merry Christmas 2009

Bear and Bow Wow wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


September 2009


Summer 2009

One late summer's evening the boys headed out to dinner in Toronto's Rosedale neighbourhood.


Rosedale diner

Naturally, they occupied the spots at the head of the table, where they held court for the evening.


Soup Ilkington

The occasion gave them a chance to get acquainted with their friend and number 1 fan, Sue.


Rosedale Subway

Since the onset of the recession, even the boys have become budget-conscious. A night out, now means taking the subway home, not hailing a taxi.



About to take the plunge; though the weather was mostly unpleasant in Toronto in the summer of 2009, the boys took advantage of the few nice days, by enjoying their pool.


Dog Paddle

An avid swimmer, Bow Wow does laps around the pool--dog paddle, of course.



As a thank you for putting a link on their Germany page, the folks at the travel website, Dodo.com, sent the boys a German flag which they proudly hung on their balcony.


April 2009
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December 2008

Every year the boys stick to their well-established Christmas traditions: decorating the tree, eating a hearty breakfast, watching the Queen's Christmas message and then ripping open their presents. This year they decided to record it all in a video which they've posted on YouTube.

If you double-click on the video above you'll go directly to the YouTube website. When watching on YouTube, don't forget to click on "watch in high quality" at the bottom right of the viewer window for a sharper image.



Just back from Berlin, the boys wish all their friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Click the picture above to see their Berlin photos.



November 2008
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The boys choreographed this dance number with their cook, Allan, to send to their friend Adam for his birthday on November 12.


April 2008


February 2008

The boys have added a their Hawaii 5-0 video to their Hawaii page. Check it out, as the quality is better than the version on YouTube below.


St. James Park

The boys trudged through the snow in St. James Park after a recent snowfall.


New Jackets

The boys were sporting their new jackets to keep them warm against the February cold.


January 2008

The boys' visit to Paramount Studios in 2005 has finally paid off. Their Hawaii 5-0 video has been posted to YouTube. There are also links to it on several other sites.




December 2007
Xmas 2007

The boys send their Christmas greetings to all their friends.



Their friend Anne Lee "elved" them and their friends on the "Elf Yourself" website. Click on the picture above to see them dance.



Click on the picture above to download the Boys Christmas slide show.



September 2007

The boys finished up their summer with a visit to Spain. Click the photos above or the link below to see their photos.


August 2007
Nova Scotia

On their annual summer visit to Cape Breton, the boys got to check out the site of the famous Tim Horton's Jesus, as well as the A & K Lick-a-Chick. Click the photos above or the link below to see their photos.


May 2007

The boys made a return visit to the Big Island of Hawaii, staying with friends in Kona. Check out the photos of the boys as they explore the island and learn how to surf.


April 2007

The boys have finally gotten around to updating their California page. Now, in addition to the Slide show, they've also posted some individual photos. Check out the pics of the boys as they tool around LA, including their time on the Paramount lot in the Entertainment Tonight studios with Mary Hart.


March 2007

They've added a few pictures of themselves opening and enjoying a nice bottle of cabernet sauvignon sent to them by their good friend Denise on the about us page.


During the first weekend in March, the boys made a visit to Vancouver and have updated their Vancouver page.


February 2007

There are now two more pages under travel. Click the links below to see the boys photos from their trips to:

They've also added new photos on the "about us" page and the "at home" page.



January 2007

On New Years Eve, the boys were invited out to the home of friends for cocktails, dinner, and of course, a bottle of Veuve Clicquot to toast the New Year.



The boys wish everyone a Happy 2007!



When it comes to beer, Bear refuses to drink anything other than Stella.



Bow Wow can't wait for midnight to have his champagne



Bear's ready to dig in!



Bow Wow contemplates not using a fork and knife.


dinner is served

"Hurry up, Bow Wow! The faster we get through this the faster we get dessert."





A toast to 2007

Happy 2007!


I'll drink to that
"I'll drink to that!"





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