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Bear and Bow Wow at Home


Bear and Bow Wow make their home in the St. Lawrence Market area of Toronto and are well-known figures at all the neighbourhood hotspots.


Dining with Bear and Bow Wow


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Although certainly not strangers to Toronto's more upscale restaurants, the boys are most likely to be found at their local pancake restaurant. They can make pancakes at home, but they find the whole process a little too labour intensive, not to mention, messy. It's much simpler to call a cab and head down to the Golden Griddle.


Golden Griddle      

At the "All You Can Eat" Sunday Brunch



With more and more independent coffee shops opening in the downtown core, there's an
endless variety of places to choose from. The boys favourite hangout for a flat white and a
double espresso is Versus Coffee. They've got the best coffee in the neighbourhood -
and the brownies and ginger cookies aren't bad either.


At home with Bear and Bow Wow    

Summer is their favourite time of year. And their favourite summer pastime is lounging
by their rooftop pool.



Unfortunately, Bear's little legs are too short for him to dangle his feet in the water.



So if he wants to cool off he has to dive in.



Pancakes at home with dulce de leche - it doesn't get much better than that. The table syrup is for everyone else.



Bear gave up on barbequing once he discovered that pancakes don't fare well on the grill.



Expert bakers, the boys love to whip up a batch of cookies.



"Hurry up! Bake faster!!"


Cookies from Denise      

Sometimes, people, like their friend Denise, bake cookies for them...


Cookie bag      

...and put them in bags that are hard to open!


cookies for supper      

Finally! Cookies for supper!



Newshound Bow Wow fetches the newspapers, the National Post and the Globe and Mail, first thing every morning.



Around Toronto with Bear and Bow Wow



Checking out HTO Park at th Harbourfront in early July 2015.

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About to board a helicopter for a tour of the city on Toronto Heli Tours in July 2015



Great views, but no bar or snack service




The Toronto sign installed at Nathan Phillips Square has no become a permanent fixture there.

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The new TO sign spawned a million photo-ops and selfies for tourists and locals alike.

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Their preferred method of transportation is by limo or taxi, but in a pinch they'll take the subway.



There's always plenty to do around Toronto: lots of cultural and sporting events and of course, shopping.


Baseball game      

Bear and Bow Wow take in a Blue Jays game.


IKEA Sign      

Heading to Ikea to do some furniture shopping.


Ikea Store      

"This won't all fit in our shopping cart."


Heading for check out      

Heading for the check out line.


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