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Bear and Bow Wow are a sophisticated bear and dog living in downtown Toronto, Canada. Bon-vivants, the boys are known for their discriminating tastes. They are often seen around town at some of Toronto's more fashionable shopping areas, restaurants and watering holes. Of course, their neighbourhood McDonald's is also a frequent haunt.


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A native of Montreal, Bear spent his formative years in that city, where he claims to have attended McGill University. Although the University is unable to locate any records in his name, the shop clerks and baristas on St. Catherine Street and tony Sherbrooke Street have vivid memories of his time there.

Despite the more than ten years he spent in Montreal, Bear still struggles with the French language. When asked to say something in French, he could only come up with "donnay moi une caffay sill voo play." He claims, however, that's all you need to get by in Montreal.

Bear moved to Toronto in 1997 and quickly became a familiar and well-loved face in the downtown area.

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Bow Wow


Bow Wow hails from Sydney, Nova Scotia and makes no pretense of being a university graduate. In fact he makes no claims of any academic credentials at all. Bow Wow is largely a self-taught dog. Despite his lack of higher learning, Bow Wow has evolved into the more erudite of the pair.

Technically savvy, Bow Wow would probably be called a "geek" if he were a person. Instead, as a dog, he's just considered "smart." Back in his native Cape Breton they always said that Bow Wow was "right smart."

Bow Wow is considered an expert on pretty much any subject which is of interest to him or Bear.

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Both of the boys consider themselves experts on food, particularly anything sweet. They love most desserts. Bow Wow is an aficionado of chocolate and loves anything that has chocolate in, on, over, or under it. But it has to be good chocolate: European in origin, and preferably Swiss.

Bear has a real fondness for - okay, it's really more of an obsession with - Krispy Kreme doughnuts. It's not that he doesn't like other doughnuts - he's certainly had his fair share of Tim Horton's offerings. But Krispy Kremes take him to a whole other level of enjoyment.


Krispy Kremes

"Just six!! Where's the rest of them?"



Of course, the boys have never said "no" to a Tim Horton's doughnut.


When nocturnal cravings kick in, Bear heads for the cereal cupboard and the box of Frosted Flakes.


And then, there are pancakes, waffles, cookies and dulce de leche (an imported treat from Argentina) to name just a few of their favourite foods.

For more on the boys and their culinary preferences see the "At Home" page.

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Next to good food, there is nothing the boys enjoy more than a glass (or bottle) of good wine. Of course, when you're only 17 inches tall, uncorking a bottle that's almost as tall as you are can be a bit problematic. However, after many years of practice the boys have it down to a fine-tuned technique.



Standing on a box in order to reach the top of the corkscrew, Bear demonstrates proper uncorking procedure.



Finally, after a little effort the boys are able to sit down and enjoy a bottle of Wolf Blass Cabernet Sauvignon, courtesy of their friend Denise.

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Although Bow Wow is more computer literate than Bear, he lacks Bear's paw dexterity. Bear has done most of the work on this website, but Bow Wow has provided most of the guidance.

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Before discovering Build-a-Bear Workshop clothes, the boys spent most of their time au naturel.


The world of fashion has had a dramatic impact on their lives. The boys have now turned into clothes-horses and are constantly looking to expand their wardrobes.


As for swimwear, in his younger years, Bear preferred the comfort and practicality of a Speedo bathing suit. Now he feels that trunks are more age-appropriate.


Turning Back the Clock

As a bear and dog of a certain age, the boys are not immune to the ravages of time. Like many others, they realize the importance of maintaining a youthful appearance in a looks-obsessed society. They're also not ashamed to admit to having had some "work" done.

Over the years, Bow Wow has undergone several rhinoplasty procedures. And in the Autumn of 2005 both of the boys had restorative and rejuvenation work done.


Bow Wow was not happy with the results of his first rhinoplasty, so....


...he went under the knife for a second time in 2005.

Since his procedure, Bear has regained much of his youthful vigour.

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