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We've built this website so that we can share our adventures and ideas with all of our friends from around the world. We'll tell you who we are, where we live, our likes and dislikes. We'll even offer helpful tips on fashion, food, etiquette, etc. And of course, there will be lots of pictures and stories from our trips around the world, as well as our adventures at home.

Currently, we have no featured products for sale on the right hand side of the page, but hope to have some soon.


About Us

On the About Us page we tell you who we are and all about our likes and dislikes, especially in terms of food, fashion and wine.


At Home

On the At Home page we tell you about our lives in and around our home town of Toronto.



Here we give you a general idea of what the travel experience is like for us. There are also numerous links to other pages where we share lots of photos and stories from our many trips around the world.



Every time we make any changes or additions to the site we'll tell you about it here and provide you with the links.


Contact Us

Click the contact us link to send us an e-mail.



Like everyone else on the planet, we're on Facebook.We update our Facebook page regularly. So check it out, by clicking on the link. And don't forget to "Like" us.


Most of our videos are posted on this site, as well, as on our Facebook page. However, all of our videos can be found on one page on our YouTube channel.


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No products here yet, but we hope to have some soon.
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